Become the difference

If you want to grow your business and not burn out and you want to bring in more money but not end up overwhelmed - Listen up.

Become the difference

Join my inner circle for actionable advice to succeed

I wanna let you in on a secret. 🤫

The secret to you being successful. (as you define it)
Successful without overwhelm, burn out, pushing yourself to your limit.

You gotta embrace The Difference.
You are different.  Period.
Maybe your brain works differently,
Perhaps it's your body,
Or the cookie-cutter approaches don't work for you.

Maybe you just haven't found what works for you, YET.

Perhaps you've followed the business gurus to a T and still don't feel in full flow.

Perhaps you've done what your friends suggested and it still isn't easy.

Maybe you have a neurodivergence (like ADHD), a chronic illness or a disability (or some other 'extra' that you have to navigate) that means you have to build your business differently.

 YOU have the right to be successful, confident and in control in your business.


I know you don't want this year to turn into a repeat of last year, I know you have what it takes to set yourself apart from all the others in your field - You just need to know the approach thats right for you.

I'm guessing you are fed up of barely keeping your head above water, tired of trying to claw back time because you let things slip.  What would you trade to have a handle on your time, energy and resources?

I'd have given pretty much anything to have found out what I now know.  6 years ago, when my business was overrun with orders, I was in physical pain and mental anguish and I was LOSING money fulfilling all the orders.  Messing up, losing bits and pieces I needed to complete orders.  Forking out for "next day special delivery" because I shipped out late.

I've gone through it all.  100's of hours reading books, years of trial and error, failing and fucking up time and time again.  I'm not perfect but I can see just HOW FUCKING FAR i've come.


Even through losing my father in law unexpectedly, having no internet for 5 weeks during a launch (due to an unresolved connection issue), my skin cancer diagnosis and having my new car written off, thanks to a whopper of a truck and a bad driver!

What I'm going to show you, teach you, guide you through isn't just what worked for me.  Anyone can do that.  This is more than that.  I am going to help you unfurl and untighten all those beliefs you have that are stopping you from elevating yourself, your business and your life.

I would highly recommend Sarah Joyce Hindle to anyone who is looking to drive their business forward but is at a loss as to which direction to go in first.

Sarah is really good at helping me find the pros and cons of a situation and realise which way to move forward, whilst still allowing me the space to come to the decision on myself - I really value that!

The perfect business boost I needed to increase my confidence

Sarah has helped me to gain clarity and confidence in the professional gifts I have to give

Sometimes we need to look within at what is really going on, what feels right and what really doesn't.  We need the self belief to create a business in a way that really works for us.

That could be BIG changes and Tiny little ones, forming new habits and creating systems that lead us to success (and our version of it).

It's no surprise that most businesses don't make it to the 5 year mark and a very small percentage of (female) entrepreneurs make more than £25k per year. 😓

I want to change this. 

I created The Difference (a cocoon for BIG DREAMER, ENTHUSIASTIC, CREATIVES) to take you on a transformative journey to understanding your whole self and learning to align you and your business for more ease and flow and less overwhelm, burn out and rid those feelings of being a failure once and for all. 👏

The Difference is a 6 month group container with learning, growth and coaching - Getting you taking action and moving into the biggest shift your business has likely EVER seen! 🙌🔥

What do you get in The Difference?

Weekly group sessions with me as your guide

A weekly guided group session first, to immerse you into new ways of being, thinking and doing WITHIN your business. This is where you will start thinking in new and expansive ways, unblock, shift and level up. This is pure growth.

1 x powerful 1:1 coaching session with me

Towards the end of our 4 months together

Voxer "coach in your pocket" support throughout & 2 months after
A members portal where you will have access to all the material we cover

You will also get access to 3 EPIC bonuses WORTH OVER £170 ALONE - See below!

They will give you the clarity you need to smash the remainder of 2023. And you get access to these early in the members portal!

On top of that, The Difference is being run at just £1, 800 (with an early bird offer automatically applied at checkout). 🤯🤯🤯

Payment options are: IN FULL or in instalments with KLARNA


Mind and mantra visualisation audio
Quick and dirty ease and flow guide
45 Minute Goal Setting Workshop

This is the second run of The Difference after the first was so impactful.

The Difference v2 is an amalgamation of The Difference v1, my 6 week programme and my membership.

I have reduced the time between sessions (weekly now) and have added Voxer "I'm in your pocket" support for after the 4 month course too.

The sessions are recorded too so if you miss one, you can catch up!


This round our sessions are running on a Tuesday. ⬇️

Sessions are 60-90 mins long.

Tuesdays (starting June 20th)
7:30pm UK time - 3:30pm ET - 12:30pm PT

The group sessions will run weekly and your 1:1 session is bookable at your convenience.

⬇️ Here's a brief overview of what the 4 months cover ⬇️


Knowing and accepting who you are and understanding what YOU and your body needs and wants.


Soul and heart based work to unlock what you are amazing and passionate about.


Feel more in control and know how to take quick action instead of not knowing where or how to start.

Blueprint UP!

Build the wider BLUEPRINT for your business, shifting current ways of working into how you want to work in the future.

Amplifying YOU!

You will be able to focus on genuine and easy connections with your aligned audience.

Self Actualisation

Stepping into your talents, who you are, what you bring to the table to LEVEL up.

When you are truly able to accept yourself and be The Difference, magic starts to happen....

Come join us in June, take advantage of the reduced price offer AND the awesome bonuses on offer!

I expect spaces to go fast so get in quick!

Sarah xx

Make 2023 your year, embrace your difference, be different and grow your own way!

As a fully qualified ICF ACC business alignment coach with over 15 years in the business space, I am ready to serve YOU.

I combine neuroscience (in which I am finishing up a diploma in) with positive psychology to my coaching programmes. This magic formula delivers a unique experience that leads to epic transformation and life-long changes to take you to the next level and beyond.