Business coaching, when you need it most

For ADHD and neurodivergent entrepreneurs

On demand coaching:
- No waiting around for a scheduled call.
- No more sleepless nights and feeling glum.

You get Voxer coaching from me, literally pull your phone from your pocket and send me a Voxer message.

The Finer Details

Coach in your pocket support is managed via Voxer. My office hours are 9:30am - 2:30pm UK time, Monday to Friday, and it is at my discretion to respond outside of these hours.

Just knowing you have a highly qualified and accredited coach at your fingertips gives you permission to "GO BIG" because when you feel overwhelmed, or have no motivation, and want to "go home", you have me, only a message away to pump you back up!

Straight forward pricing

Monthly Membership

Lock in at the offer price before I run out of slots

What's included

  • Voxer coaching when you need it most*

  • Fully accredited coach on hand 5 days a week

  • Support when shit hits the fan

  • Daily motivation and support

  • Someone on hand to talk things through with

  • Last 2 slots remaining

On Demand Coaching

£120 /month

* Fair usage policy


Having been in business for 2 years, I wasn't sure what support I needed but Sarah was (and continues to be) brilliant at helping me work out what aspects I need coaching around. Sarah is very approachable, always helpful, and the sessions are always enjoyable & productive.

Well worth the investment!




As always, you will only get out what you put in.

This is not a "Sarah will come and fix my shit" situation.

If you sign up and forget to utilise the Voxer coaching, never attend a CEO session and unsubscribe feeling disgruntled - Remember this caveat.

I want you to do well, probably more than most people do.  I have a passion for lifting others up.  I want the world to change.  I want more WOMEN in power.  I want more PEOPLE OF COLOUR in power.  I want more LGBTQIA+ people in power.  I want more NEURODIVERGENTCHRONICALLY ILL and DISABLED people in power.

I want these people to be THE TOP OF THEIR GAME.
I want you to make BANK.
I want you to put your money into things YOU BELIEVE IN.
I want the world to change.
This is one of my contributions to that change.

Who am I?

I'm Sarah and I'm an ICF ACC accredited Business Alignment Coach with 15 years of business experience, including in-person service, online product based, Amazon selling, online service based businesses.

I am certified in DISC strength testing. I combine neuroscience (I have just completed a diploma in this) with positive psychology (and a dash of woo!). This magic formula delivers a unique experience that leads to epic transformation and life-long changes to take you to the next level and beyond.

I want your help Sarah

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